Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elevator Music Video Update 5 ~ [8/26/12]

          In this update I'm update the Script (finally--at the bottom of this page), however it is only of the next two scenes as I've been busy finishing the programming for Shoy Schot's update (a.k.a. Still Here After Wednesday Night I plan on finishing it in the next few days hopefully. With the extra time I update Script throughout the week.

          Over the the past week I've been writing and rewriting the unscripted scenes for episode 1 as well as writing a couple of scene for episode 2. I trying to nail down Collis' character and also improve the pacing of the Script (ep 1). The former I'm getting better at and the latter I won't be able to until I have a completed draft in of me.

          The problems I'm facing with the Script right now are as follows: Looking to be too long (I actually prefer this to being short, but it is pass the comfortably over length point). Some scenes go on for too long while other's aren't long enough. Because of this the pacing is thrown off. Also, a major concern is that this series is both a comedy and drama; the first episode should be teaser for the overall series, provide samplings of most of the main points (within reason)--I'm hitting the comedy but not so much the drama. Now this will come in later. I already have some scenes written for later in the season that have drama/character development and I even have these scenes in the first episode but the pacing is a bit messy. These are the problems I'm looking to fix as I go on.

          Lastly, I start back college tomorrow--what does that mean for Elevator Music? Mostly nothing that will hinder my writing as it's already been hinder with my programming. Actually, this is a good thing. I'll have down time to writing more at school and also--the biggest thing--I can use the school's internet to upload videos, which means I can make longer more in-depth video updates if I need to. Also, I can practice speaking on camera. All in all, this is good.

          O.K. guys, this will be it for this update. I felt you deserved a meatier update since the video won't be here till later and the Script didn't receive as big an update as I promised. Seeya.

Cilla Black's Step Inside Love

          One more thing I want to share with everyone besides random music is this article by Roses from It is a very touching and powerful article about an experience in her life that change entire outlook on life after she saw how affected those around her. I really recommend giving it a read. You can a direct link to article here: Resilience and Asshole EMTs

Script for First Floor (Season 1; Episode 1 - Pilot) [Partial-8/26/12]Here

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UPDATE 1 (8/27/12): Video Added. It's abysmally dark. Apologies. 

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elevator Music Video Update 4 ~ [8/19/12]

          Another short update, no script this week. Sound may be weird since I'm outside in the middle of a forest. Script update next update and maybe a bonus scene sometime within the week.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Elevator Music Video Update 2 ~ [8/5/12]

UPDATE 1 (8/8/12): Because of the AT&T Blackout I could access my Internet for the past two days. Sorry for the delay, here's the new video (re-recorded).

UPDATE 2 (8/9/12): Added a Youtube video link.

UPDATE 2 (8/13/12): Oops. I accidentally deleted the script. Don't worry I re-uploaded it and it should be fine now.

          Sorry, but I'm having a hard time uploading the video, so I'm just going to release the update without it and update it later.

Video Information
          The second update for my project Elevator Music Can Be Good Music Too. I talk about the new scenes added to Episode 1 script and tell how people can help me out with the project. My voice is a bit low. There was no way I was doing this without the AC on. Apologies, though. Also, I'm still getting use to recording myself.

Script for First Floor (Season 1; Episode 1 - Pilot) [Partial-8/5/12]: Here
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