Sunday, January 27, 2013

Elevator Music Can Be Good Music Too Update 12 ~ [1/27/12]

          This is going to be short. I'm going to have to update this again a few days. I'm so late putting this up because my Internet (also land line) have been out for a few days and AT&T fixed it about 3 hours ago.

          First. Elevator Music music is NOT ending! I finish the rough draft of Episode 2's Script: Silence On Radio Monday. It is not below, because I wrote the entity of the script in my notebook and haven't had the time to type in all up. So, expect that in a few days.

          Second. I'm taking a little break from this. Why? The same reason I needed to before. School. This is my last semester and I want to keep it that way. Also, beside my core classes, I'm also taking a screenwriting class with my friend. In that class we have a semester long project--write a full fledged feature length movie script. And it's a lot of work. Working on two big story project at the same time plus all the work for my core class is a bit daunting. I'll post my Script for that up on the blog, so look out for that.

          Third. I still going to work on EM, just slower pace. I want to have an outline for both Episode 3 and 4 done by Update 13, as well as have an improved version of Episode 1 Script, too.

Seeya, next time.

P.S.: Check out Bosnian Rainbows' first single: Torn Maps
        You can buy it for a $1 in the link. It's really good.
        Bosian Rainbows is Omar Rodríguez-López's new project while Mars Volta is on hiatus.

UPDATE 1 (1/31/13): I have finished typing the script. It is in the Google Drive Folder. You can find the links below. Please give it a while and comment on it.

Script for Second Floor (S1E2 - Silence On Radio Monday): Here
Google Drive Folder [On-going; Updated On 1/31/13]

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Next Update: 2/24/13