Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition

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Most Recent Version: [FINAL RELEASE]
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Description: Addictive strategy-based card game.
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Features (those in bold are the newest features):
  • Version 2 Game Deck
    • Adds 4 New Card Types
    • Switch between Version 1 and 2 Game Decks
  • Create up to 8 Profiles
    • Keep Stats of up to 8 different Players
    • Use Guest Mode to not track Stats
  • Keep track of over 80 different stats
    • Including Playtime
    • Ability To Reset Stats After 100 Matches
  • Cleaner Interface
  • Match Time
  • Match Score
    • Balanced for each Game Board
    • Accompanying Stats
  • Improved AI
  • Accomplishments
    • 8 New Accomplishments to v2 for a total of 22
  • 3 Different CPU Players
  • 3 Game Boards
  • 2 Types of Decks (Different than Deck Versions)
  • Many Customizable Free Play Modes
    • Over 500 Different Ways to Play!
    • New Yorkshire Rule Set
  • New Hand Rules
    • Pure OSD [POSD]
    • Pure ODD [PODD]
  • Best Of... Mode
    • Original Hand Type
  • 2 Types of CPU vs. CPU Modes
  • (Robust) Tournament Mode
    • Minor Fixes and Additions
  • Alternative Panel Names Option
    • For more optimal 2 Player matches
    • Improved APN functionality
  • Check For Updates
    • Option to Check for Updates on Startup
  • Greatly Improves Rank Card Functionality
    • Can now download and share yours
    • Can now upload others and compare them
  • Added Shortcut Commands
    • Accessible at the Main Menu
      • Type in STATS to quickly open the Stats Page
      • Type in RANKCARD to quickly access your Rank Card
    • Accessible at most Menu Screens
      • Type in MAIN to jump back to the Main Menu
  • Moved Profiles to the Main Menu
    • Moved Stats to this Menu
  • Randomization Option To All Modes Except Tournament Mode
  • Back-up System Data
  • New Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition v2 Icon
  • More Streamlined Experience
  • Overall Game Balancing
  • Tweaked Rank Calculation
  • More Extras
  • Fix Issue In Match That Causes The Player To Jump Back To The 'Choose Card Field'
  • Selcet Mode Now Properly Titled Select Mode
  • Fixed Chain Reaction Error
  • Fixed CPU vs. CPU glitch
  • Fixed Rank Title Error
  • Fixed Match End Glitch
  • A Ton of Minor Fixes and Additions

Abridged Improvement Comparison
Version                 Size                  879KB                  1.27MB                  1.27MB                  1.28MB                  1.29MB                  1.19MB                  1.22MB                  1.22MB                  1.23MB                  1.24MB                  1.25MB

Last Updated 2/2/14

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