Still Here After Wednesday Night

Most Recent Version: [FINAL RELEASE]
Download Here: Still Here After Wednesday Night Update Log
Description: A horror styled, text-based adventure game. Started out as a test--as a way to get better at programming.
Still Here After Wednesday Night Prologue Story: SHAWN
Big Thanks to Mary and Andy for helping me test this.

Creative Commons License
Still Here After Wednesday Night by Thaddeus Coleman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States License.

Features (those in bold are the newest features):
  • The Ability to Back-up/Retrieve System Data!
    • Never lose Accomplishments or Configs again!
      • Simply back up your system date and retrieve it in the new update
      • Can even be used to put the game on different computers
  • The Little Sheep Arcade
    • Adds over 65% more content!!
    • Includes Virtual Gaia Games Matching! and Shoy Schot! [Pre-SAE Version Build]
    • Greatly Updates Shoy Schot!
      • Adds New Hard AI: CPU PLAYER: ELSA
      • Overall AI Improvements
        • Artificial Errors
        • Better Handling of Discard
        • Chance of Inspiration
      • Cleaner Interface
      • 5x5 Game Board
      • More Game Modes
        • Unlimited Deck CPU vs.CPU
        • World Tour CPU vs. CPU
        • Best Of... Mode
        • (Robust) Tournament Mode
      • Stats
      • Accomplishments
      • Stand-alone Basework
  • More Extra Secrets
  • New Game +
  • 33 Accomplishments!
  • Redesign Main Menu
  • Filing System! Keep Notes and Letters With You!
  • Game Options
  • Ability to Manually Change Save Location
  • Unlockable Epilogue With Multiple Endings
  • More Secret Events And Hidden Features!
  • A Ton of Secrets
  • Check for Data has Evolved! Now Shows Save Information!
  • Has A Real Icon Now!
  • Improved Error Checking
  • Improved Balancing
  • Special Messages from Creator
  • New Actions Added
  • More Think Monologues
  • Time Errors and Other Related Problems Fixed
  • Switched Room Error Fixed
  • Hole Error Fixed
  • Quicksave (Sav##) Endgame Error Fixed
  • Cheatcode Error Fixed
  • A Ton of Minor Fixes and Additions

Abridged Improvement Comparison
Version                 Size                  148KB                  152KB                172KB            237KB          526KB          537KB          592KB          592KB                  602KB                  912KB                  916KB                  970KB                  1.55MB                  1.42MB

Production Log for Update Here
Production Notes (not in any particular order):

Last Updated 3/11/13

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