Shoy Schot! nui

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Release Date: December 29th, 2013
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Description: Addictive strategy-based card game.
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Shoy Schot! nui
Shoy Schot! nui

  Features (those in bold are the newest features):
  • All Shoy Schot! Stand-Alone Edition v2 Features
  • New Logo/ Icon
  • The Ability to Create 8 Separate Profiles with each keeping track of their Own Stats, Game Settings, and Accomplishments!!
  • 26 New Accomplishments to Earn (48 in All!!)
  • 6 Brand New Game Modes
    • Custom Rule Set
    • Endless Tower
    • Score Attack
    • Arcade Challenges
    • Arcade Battle Campaign
    • Tutorial Mode
  • A New Mini-Game Added: Clementine
  • An Enhanced Port of Still Here After Wednesday Night
  • Quick Watch Match Mode
  • Double the Hand Rules!
  • Over 120 Stats
  • A Slew of New Secrets to Find and Discover!!
  • Ability to Change Profile Names
  • Arcade Challenges Fixes
  • Tutorial Mode Fixes
  • Custom Rule Set Fixes
  • General Game Balancing
  • Accomplishment Sound Error Fixed
  • Arcade Battle Campaign Fixes
    • Purchasing Lorelai Pendant Error Fixed
    • Game Balancing
  • And Mega Ton of Minor Fixes and Additions

Abridged Improvement Comparison
Version                                         Size [Initial Release]                 3.12MB                                          3.14MB

Last Updated 3/17/14

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