Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dance of the Wanderers: Update for October 2016

          It's very, very late, but Dance of the Wanderers Episode 1 is finally completed and on the blog for all to read! You can check it out on the Dance of the Wanderers’ page alongside the original outline and treatment and its two earlier drafts.

          Dance of the Wanderers Episode 1 is entitled: Jigsaw Falling Into Place (Home). The episode follows Kathleen Nyro as she experiences the worst day of her life. Having already lost her job and being forced to go to what is essentially her layoff party tonight, it seems the world can’t let that be the only trouble she faces today.

          Next up, I will be working on both Episode 2 and 3. I plan on having the drafts (or hopefully the final scripts) done by the time Final Fantasy XV comes out (Nov. 29th). Because, a lot of Episode 2 is the same as the pilot and Episode 3 is a simpler episode in general they will be easier to put together. And, I’ve already begun writing the scripts.

          The last thing I what to talk about is the future or end goal of Dance of the Wanderers. For a couple reasons that aren’t that important to go it to, I decided to write this story as script instead of a normal novel-style story. Doing so means that as it is the scripts aren’t actually the final product. Scripts aren’t meant to be the endgame. That said, what I’ve been thinking about the past few months is how to makes them complete and I’ve settled on something I think is good.

          Previously, I was working on an audio drama, so I thought about doing the same for Wanderers, but Wanderers has too many visual elements to it. I would’ve had to rewrite the scripts to reflect the changes or add in a narrator to read the details but feels cheap to me. Then it hit me. I could do something like the Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel—an audio/visual comic. Get an artist to draw the episodes and find actors to perform them. So, that’s my end goal for Dance of the Wanderers.

          As of right now, I’m just focusing on finishing the scripts, but hopefully, in time I can make it to my end goal.

~Seeya next time!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Dance of the Wanderers: Update for September 2016

          Dance of the Wanderers is still alive and I've been working on it in the shadows, albeit very slowly. I am happy to say that the real episode 1 will by released on Sunday, September 11, 2016 by 11:59pm EST! I still a lot of work to do this weekend on it, I will get it up on time if it kills me!

          By going to the Dance of the Wanderers page you can check out the two drafts of episode 1 as well as the Final Version when it releases.

~Seeya Sunday